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Eco-conscientious Packaging

Here at Earth Sense Organics we constantly strive to find better ways of delivering our products that have the least amount of environmental impact at the end of the life of the item.

Here's what we currently offer:

100% Compostable, Biodegradable and Recyclable 

Recycled paper rolled tubes and pots:


These are made from recycled paper so are on at least the second lifecycle. We have worked with our partners to create the shapes and sizes needed to suit our products. They protect the products and keep them at their best but when the product is finished you can easily recycle them, place them in biomass degrading or even put them in your compost bin. The material will break down causing no harm to our earth. We think that's a bit cleaver. There really is no need for plastics at all!!

We think they look good too

Our soap and shampoo cartons are also made from recycled materials that meet our demands for 100% compostable, biodegradable and recyclable.


This kraft material is great for protecting the products and gives us lots of room to clearly show all the stuff you need to know about the product but when it comes to disposal it causes no harm.

"Taking Total Responsibility"

We decided that not everyone has the facilities to recycle and sometimes mistakes happen - that's life - but is we design something that even in the worst case goes to landfill, we know it will safely breakdown and cause no harm and leave no trace. It does cost more than plastic but the real cost is the damage plastic is doing, this is something we can never be part of.