Our Packaging - Recycle - Reuse - Re-Purpose

Recycle - Reuse - Re-Purpose - Packaging

Here at Earth Sense Organics we constantly strive to find better ways of delivering our products that have the least amount impact at the end of the life of the item.

  • All packaging is easily recycled - REMEMBER the TRI!

ADEME Unique Identfier Number: FR310320_O1SIEZ

CITEO Membership Number: 552578

LUCID Member Number: DE5071599607576

Here's what we currently offer:

Paper rolled tubes:

These are made from paper so are on at least on their second life cycle. We have worked with our partners to create the shapes and sizes needed to suit our products. They protect the products and keep them at their best but when the product is finished you can easily place them into the recycling chain.

Paper rolled pots:



Paper and card boxes:

Our soap and shampoo cartons are also made from paper and card that meet our demands.

Product packaging

This Kraft material is great for protecting the products and gives us lots of room to clearly show all the information you need to know about the product but when it comes to disposal it causes no harm and can easily be recycled, reused or repurposed.

Aluminium bottles and tops:

We use aluminium bottles and trigger sprays that are easily recyclable for our Hair Rinse and Insect Spray products.



Glass bottles:

We use 50ml glass bottles and droppers that are easily recyclable for our Organic Argan Oil.


Packaging and recycling responsibilities:

Packaging Responsibility for end user sales Earth Sense Organics SAS packaging responsibility and contribution is handled by CITEO France Membership number: 552578.

Earth Sense Organics SAS Unique Identifier Number issued by ADEME France:FR310320_01SIEZ

Earth Sense Organics SAS LUCID Member Number: DE5071599607576