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Collection: Natural Organic Certified Oral Care

VEGAN ‐ Natural & Organic Solid toothpastes – Mint and Polishing

Earth Sense Organics is the first company in France to have obtained the "palm oil-free" certification for all our handmade organic personal care products. We do NOT use palm oil or any ingredients derived from palm oil.

The Earth Sense Organics Solid Toothpastes are the first in Europe to hold all three top line certifications for Organic COSMOS, Palm Oil Free and Leaping bunny.

Presented in zero waste reusable and recyclable aluminum tins that protect your product during travel.

This is a non-foaming formula that is 100% natural and organic with only minerals and plant ingredients.

Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Maintains oral health
It helps maintain your oral health. It whitens your teeth and fights tooth decay.


The Lauric acid present in the oil has antibacterial properties and fights bacteria that cause bad breath, tooth decay, and gum diseases.

It fights an oral bacterium called Streptococcus mutans. It also fights off plaque and gum diseases which are again due to bacterial growth in your mouth.
In addition to Streptococcus mutans, Lactobacillus is another harmful bacteria that causes tooth decay is fought by coconut oil. Hence it prevents tooth decay and tooth loss.

Bentonite Clay - Argile du Périgord France

Remove Impurities
Bentonite removes all the impurities in your mouth. It has a negative electrical charge which attracts positive charge toxins and impurities. It can attract fungus, viruses, parasites, bacteria, and any other positively charge element.

Bentonite’s negative charged particles latch onto impurities and toxins, attracting them like a magnet. They push them away from your body without breaking them down.

Neutralize Bacteria
Bentonite clay has impressive abilities to attract impurities. It only attracts negative element and let positively charged particles, such as nutrients, move further into the mouth. It absorbs materials into its layers. This way, bentonite neutralizes bacteria and impurities from the surface of teeth and other parts of the mouth, improving your overall oral health.

Prevents Bad Breath
Bentonite is beneficial to prevent bad breath. Minerals present in bentonite help clean bacteria, fungi, and other toxins that contribute to bad breath.

Remineralize teeth
Bentonite remineralizes the tooth enamel. It has beneficial minerals that recover the enamel and enrich it with minerals. If bacteria attack the outer layer of teeth, it breaks the tooth enamel, which can lead to tooth decay. Minerals in saliva also can recover the enamel. Bentonite stimulates saliva that recovers enamel damage. Bentonite can also recover minor tooth decay. 

Prevents Decay
Acids from sugars and other foods damage the tooth enamel. This allows bacteria to enter into the outer layer of teeth and damage it. Minerals in bentonite alkalize the acids and raise the PH values of the mouth. Moreover, bentonite provides minerals to rebuild the damage caused by the acids in the mouth.

Polish Teeth
Bentonite clay has superfine particles that are effective for polishing your teeth. These particles clean the upper layer of teeth without causing any damage to your enamel. Brushing your teeth with bentonite makes your teeth smooth and slick. It will give you the dentist feeling.

Prevent Periodontists
The clay binds to harmful substances in your mouth, like from the gums, teeth, and tongue. It cleans them before you swallow them. Its anti-bacterial properties are used in toothpaste to prevent bacteria in your mouth. The bentonite has the ability to prevent periodontitis by alkalizing the acids present in your mouth.

Calcium Carbonate

The main benefits of calcium carbonate are that it gently helps remove debris from between the teeth and removes surface stains, allowing your teeth to look and feel healthier. Calcium Carbonate also supports healthy enamel to strengthen teeth.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is made of finely ground, fossilized diatoms (tiny plants), and contains several common minerals, including silica. Its minor abrasive quality makes it useful as an organic cleaning element. The abrasive scrubbing quality of this natural substance makes it the perfect choice as a tooth cleaner and mild polishing additive.

Activated Charcoal BP/EP/USP From Coconuts

Change the PH of the mouth
Diet, stress, and hormones can make the saliva too acidic such that is affects the teeth resulting to cavities that cause tooth discoloration. This also happens when food particles combine with bad bacteria in the mouth. It causes gingivitis and tooth decay which is associated with discoloration of teeth.
Activated charcoal alkaline in nature helps to get rid of these toxins and provide a PH balance in the mouth thus whitening the teeth.

Prevent Tannin
Tea, coffee, wine contain tannin which when taken in excess accumulate in areas around the teeth and causes them to have a brown, yellow colour. Activated charcoal attaches to the tannin and absorbs it through their pores and bring colour to the teeth.

Clears nicotine stains
When nicotine gets sticks to the tooth enamels causes brown or yellowish staining.
Activated charcoal binds itself to the nicotine or tobacco stains and absorbs then into its pores and eliminates the stain whitening teeth in the process.

As we age the tooth enamel starts to wear off and it exposes the dentine layer which has a yellower tone. A thin enamel exposes a yellower dentin. Current products in the markets leak through the enamel into the dentin which affects tooth colour.
Activated charcoal slows down the cell changes that are associated with aging. It slows down the brain’s release of toxins that hasten wearing off the enamel. This brightens teeth.

Removes Plaque
Plaque results from the build-up of tartar and creates a yellow sticky substance on the teeth. Through its adsorption properties which bind to the tartar and plaque formed and eliminating them leading to cleaner teeth.

Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

Gives that great minty taste and freshness we all expect from oral care products but with the oil from the plant not an artificial flavouring.

Our selection of products has been designed with our expert naturopath to ensure the perfect balance between the essential oils used in aromatherapy and the best performing ingredients for your oral care that nature can provide.

There are two types of natural organic solid toothpastes and each has been rated as COSMOS ORGANIC by Cosmecert France.


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