Collection: VEGAN - Organic Certified Solid Soap - 100% paper packaging


Earth Sense Organics is certificated "palm oil-free" by POFCAP for all our handmade organic care products. We do NOT use palm oil or palm oil-derived ingredients.

Our cosmetic products are officially approved by Cruelty Free International, Leaping Bunny programme

Our hand made cosmetic products are officially certified Organic by Cosmecert, Cosmos Organic.

Earth Sense Organics solid soaps are handmade using the best oil bases we find. Each Earth Sense Organics soap contains a minimum of 72% of cold-pressed organic oils.

Our basic blend contains organic, raw extra virgin coconut oil from Sri Lanka as well as organic, raw extra virgin olive oil from Catalonia. This is a 72% blend that not only helps to thoroughly cleanse the skin, but also nourishes and protects it through the natural components that the mixture contains.

All we add to our base are organic essential oils and specific organic plants that offer benefits to your skin.

Our product selection has been designed with our experts to ensure the perfect balance between the essential oils used and the most deeply nourishing ingredients for your skin that nature can give.