About us

Earth Sense Organics was founded in 2017 by Andrew & Lisa Crowe a husband-and-wife team based in Carcassonne South West France.


Andrew & Lisa Crowe

Whilst working in the UK for many years Andrew was a surfactant chemicals specialist, these are the chemicals that make up cosmetics and cleaning products. He would work with the European manufacturers of these products, finding out the new technologies and upon returning to the UK, formulate these new chemicals in to products for consumers. Andrew has formulated for many large high street brands as well as specialist companies.

Earth Sense Organics was started so that they could uniquely produce high-quality cosmetic products but without the man made chemicals, many that use palm oil and are high carbon usage during manufacture.

Looking back to traditional, generational solutions for cosmetics that use only ingredients that are direct from the plant, not manufactured or changed. No preservatives, colours, perfumes or fillers are used. Purely what nature provides.

Using the years of formulation knowledge and learning gained from asking people all over the world what traditional products they have used for generations, they have formulated a luxury range of skin, hair and body care that has amazing performance with the minimal amount of impact to our planet. Everything is handmade artisan produced in our own labs with the greatest care and attention to quality.

Taking the eco-responsibility further they have committed to zero waste 100% recyclable packaging solutions, taking full responsibility for the packaging they produce.

Ingredients are selected for the quality and method of production, mainly buying either direct from the producer of with selected certified partners ensuring fair trade and the absolute best for the products.

Lisa has spent many years as a veterinary professional, teacher and consultant for global NGO’s. Lisa’s uses these skills and knowledge to ensure quality systems and certification to the highest global standards. She instigated that on top of the natural, from nature, no man made and zero waste for the products, everything would carry the highest certifications in Europe. Earth Sense Organics are the first brand in Europe to be fully certified as certified as Palm Oil Free, and certified COSMOS Organic, approved Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free. Quite an achievement.

Earth Sense Organics will always be looking at improving and designing new products that follow the strict eco-responsible and ethical commitments of the brand, looking to nature to provide the solutions to the problems and respecting our planet.

Our Packaging 

At Earth Sense Organics, we are constantly striving to find better ways to deliver our products that have the least environmental impact at the end of the item's life.

Here's what we currently offer:

100% recyclable packaging

Rolled tubes and jars made from recycled paper.

These are made from recycled paper and are therefore at least on the second life cycle. We have worked with our partners to create the shapes and sizes needed to fit our products. They protect the products and preserve them as well as possible, but when the product is finished, you can easily recycle them. There's really no need for plastic !

Our soap and shampoo cartons are also made from recycled materials that meet our requirements of being 100% recyclable.

This kraft material is ideal for protecting products and gives us plenty of space to clearly show everything you need to know about the product, but when it comes to disposal, it causes no harm.

"Taking full responsibility"

We decided that not everyone had the facilities to recycle and sometimes mistakes happen - that's life - but if we design something that, even in the worst-case scenario, will go to landfill, we know it will collapse safely, cause no damage and leave no trace. It costs more than plastic, but the real cost is the damage caused by plastic, something we can never be a part of.

Our bug spray and hair rinses are now in aluminium bottles that can be recycled over and over again.

The Name Earth Sense for our business, where does it come from?

When we started the business, we wanted to choose a name that reflects our ethics and what we are looking to achieve in the products we make.

EARTH – As it says we focus on the earth, we have just one global home and we need to do whatever we can to reduce the impact that we have as humans on the earth. Choosing only ingredients that nature has given us, with minimal processing, we call this “Direct from the plant ingredients”. We choose not to use the manufactured chemicals. Even those that are plant based/derived have to go through many labourious processes which demand huge energy consumption to achieve the final usable product.

Many manmade ingredients come from palm oil. Not only do these palm-based ingredients use a great deal of energy to process, a huge amount of ancient rain forest is cleared to grow this crop, everything is lost. In a world that is focused on reducing carbon we need to be planting trees not tearing them down for cheap ingredients. Trees capture the carbon and return it back to us as oxygen, perfect symmetry indeed.

SENSE – This is a double meaning, firstly to provide great feelings through our products to pleasure your senses, see, feel and smell. Making you feel good is what we are trying to achieve. Life is better when things you use make you smile.

Secondly, sense meaning an ability to understandrecognisevalue, or react to something. Take a look at our world and see what all of us can achieve if we work collectively, what differences can we make by using sustainable products even if that is not the cheap option. Long term the savings are more than just monetary value to our earth.

We chose the Enso symbol as it symbolises the harmonious relationship and balance between all things. Not a closed circle as improvements can always be found as we all grow.

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