Collection: VEGAN Hair Care - Organic Certified Concentrated Hair Rinses - 200ml

The main component of our Concentrated Organic Conditioning Hair Rinse is Pyrus Malus - Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother. Despite its apple cider vinegar base, the Earth Sense Organics range offers pleasantly scented conditioners that can be used with any shampoo. However, the best results are achieved when used with our shampoo products. Since our conditioner is concentrated, simply add water to extend its use over a longer period. It is available in three formulas, each utilizing specific organic essential oils to cater to different types of hair. This adds extra conditioning and care to your hair. Every individual's hair is unique, and most people typically start using it twice a week before adjusting the frequency to their needs. You can either apply it directly or create your own "Hair Spritzer" at home.