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Collection: Concentrated Organic Conditioning Hair Rinses 200ml


Taking hair care beyond the semi-synthetic conditioners

Earth Sense Organics Organic Concentrated Hair Conditioners go beyond all other hair conditioning products.

100% natural and organic with no artificial colours, perfumes, preservatives, surfactants or palm oil.

Certified COSMOS ORGANIC – Certified Palm Oil Free – Certified “Leaping Bunny” Cruelty Free

This is a very specific formulation that contains a special blend of natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes specific for hair care. You could call it a “Vitamin Enriched Health Boost for your hair”

The core ingredient is Pyrus Malus - Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother
The mother consists of dozens of strains of good bacteria, which are known as probiotics. It is also vitamin and mineral dense plus its properties also include anti-bacterial and anti-fungal; one of natures wonder ingredients.

Despite it being apple cider vinegar based, our Organic Concentrated Hair Conditioners smell great!


The primary use is an amazing conditioner for your hair, leaving it soft, shiny and manageable.

Earth Sense Organics Organic Concentrated Hair Conditioners go much further.

The extra benefits achieved when you use the Earth Sense Organics Concentrated Organic Hair Conditioners:

  • Rebalances the natural PH levels of your hair
  • Reduces frizz
  • Reduces hair end damage
  • Removes oily build up that make the hair flat and oily
  • Removes pollution from daily life
  • Controls Dandruff
  • Enhances natural waves and curls of your hair
  • Eases and relieves an itchy scalp
  • Detangles your hair for easy brushable hair

Our conditioners can be used with any shampoo but will always give the best performance when used with the Earth Sense Organics range of shampoo.

Concentrated – you add the water – so it lasts for a long time

Available in three different formulas to suit your type of hair. Each formula utilises specific organic essential oils that are naturally suited to the hair type, adding extra condition and care only pure organic natural products can do that.

Everybody is beautifully different but in general most people start using the conditioner every two weeks then extend to once per month or as individuals need as it feeds your hair and protects your scalp your hair looks and remains amazing for ages. Either apply directly or make your own personal “Hair Spritzer at home”.

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